Monday Mornng Coffee Muses, January Second

So far, 2017 has started off warm and humid. That’s about to change tomorrow. It’s windy this morning and I’m seeing, and hearing, more of the winter birds around the area you see in the photo.

Today will also be the last full day of a full house. My wife will return to work and the grandkids will return to school tomorrow. Today will also see the last of the Christmas decorations packed away for another year. Tomorrow the house will return to it’s close to normal self.

Looking around this yard, it appears very close to full winter… at least as far as the trees are concerned. There are just a few still holding onto the leaves they have to drop. The grass is still unseasonably green though. And the wisteria is strangely still mostly leaved. But all in all, this view is still predominated by the evergreens that surround me. And it’s this evergreen view that surrounds me that always surprises me when I venture out away from home and see the leaflets gray-brown look that predominates the rest of this part of the state.

Form the thunder rumbling in, I guess the weather is about to get interesting. I better finish this cup of coffee before I get run in the house.

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