September 29, 2016 Musing

A Fall Tease

Our first cool snap is here. The temperature is 66º right now and I’m loving it. And, as the picture shows, there is a bit of ground fog coming off the bayou this morning. That’s a common fall morning feature…

September 29, 2016 Musing

Judging by the quietness of the past two mornings, more than just the hummingbirds have ridden the cool front southward on their fall migration. Though, as I say that, it seems there are more about today than there were yesterday.

The reason for the title of this post is the prognosticators are telling us that these 60° mornings are only going to last till the weekend and then we’ll be seeing the 70’s again for at least another week.

Once it finally arrives I truly love fall. And most of winter along this Gulf Coast just allows me to wear long sleeve t-shirts, so it’s pretty nice too.

One thought on “A Fall Tease”

  1. I’m ready for even cooler temps and lower humidity, but will I quibble about this? No, sir. And it finally seems a little more certain that our late-season hurricane’s going to stay well east of us, so life is good.

    I’m doing a little travel next month, and even though I tried booking late because I didn’t know what my schedule would be, I’m going to have the pleasure of one night at the Queen Wilhemina Lodge. I remembered you praising it, which is why I tried in the first place. I just happened to call five minutes after someone had cancelled. Otherwise, they were completely booked for the whole month! I’m really looking forward to it.

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