Saturday September 24

Fall Coffee Muses Repeat

Yesterday was overcast and rainy all day. The low for the day came right at noon. That low was bracketed by higher temps, the morning hit 84, the afternoon topped out at 88. Way too high for good fall weather. My definition of fall is overnight lows in the mid 60’s for a week or longer… We are a ways off from that happening yet.

And, today looks like it’s starting out to be a repeat…

Saturday September 24

Sitting here looking out each morning I am struck by how green it is this year. It actually looks like late spring more than early fall. You won’t catch me complaining about our greater relationship to rain this year… I have a too sharp memory of the drought we went through a few years ago. And our vacation through New Mexico brought those memories into focus.

Another thing that has brought back fond memories of our vacation are the hummingbirds. Our stay in Estes Park was blessed with an abundance of hummingbirds, and this past week has been just as crazy hummingbird wise. Migration is on. And if we don’t see a front blow thru, it is going to be quite crowded and a bit noisy around the feeders.

It looks like the first batch of rain is passing us to the east. But not to worry more is building to the south. And, I’ve made it through my first cup of coffee and the temperature is still in the 70’s.

2 thoughts on “Fall Coffee Muses Repeat”

  1. We’d better see a front roll through — a nice, strong one that keeps on going and keeps 97L away from us. It looks like this could be The One for the year, although you know as well as I do that model agreement isn’t the be-all and end-all.

    I went out to Armand Bayou today for a guided photo walk. It really was worth the time — 3 hours with a knowledgeable guide, through places I’d never been. This was a morning walk, and we started at 6:30, to be out at the prairie viewing platform for the sunrise. But, in the coming months, there will be daytime and sunset walks, too. The great advantage is that you can get into the place before and after regular hours. It’s probably too far for you to come, but on the other hand, it’s a neat opportunity. I learned a lot about plants and such — and the fellow who was in charge actually is more of a birder. I think he might lead birding walks, too.

  2. Our prognosticators are predicting a nice front this week bringing a few days of north winds and lows in the 60’s. I won’t hold my breath, but it would be nice. I’ll hope 97L doesn’t play havoc with my little bird buddies if they try to make the flight across the Gulf.

    I grew up in Pasadena and spent my last few years at the corner of Red Bluff and Fairmont. Armand was our local park. Way back one, of my first jobs involved building the infrastructure in a couple of the subdivisions that border the park. When our kids were little we spent many a day there. Somewhere I still have photos of the homestead from 25 or so years ago.

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