Morning Clouds

Will It Rain

For the past week the forecast has been for thunderstorms and each day we have seen them pop up and move past to one side or the other. Almost every day the sound of distant thunder has accompanied my morning coffee. Today I can even smell the rain.

Morning Clouds

But, the question remains, will it rain on my house today?

Though, whether it rains or not, I am loving the cooler than it has been morning temperature.

2 thoughts on “Will It Rain”

  1. Ha! Yesterday I got run off work four times because of rain in Seabrook, but as far as I could tell, there hadn’t been any over here on this side of the lake. So it goes. I hope you get some rain, if you want it, and don’t have to mess with it otherwise. I have to make a run into Houston, and I’m hoping to get that over with before any afternoon storms.

    1. Friday I had the same experience. No rain at home and poured on in League City. We could use a bit of rain just to carry this uncommon green color on into fall. I hope your trip was uneventful, but, judging from the radar I imagine it wasn’t.

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