Another high Heat Advisory for Houston region

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Alvin Weather @ 11:00 am Tuesday 8/9/2016

For the second time in as many days dangerous scorching heat is forecast Tuesday in the Houston region.

Source: Another high Heat Advisory for Houston region

When you walk out in the morning and the temperature is already pushing into the mid 80’s and the humidity is above 60% on a dry day, you know it’s just gonna be a day to hide from the heat.

Even the birds this morning were laying up in the shade. Only the cattle egrets and the hummingbirds were making their presence known. I was hearing a few out in the trees… cardinals, blue jays, crows. I even saw a mockingbird flash of white as it fluttered into the canopy of the red oak… But no song there.

2 thoughts on “Another high Heat Advisory for Houston region”

  1. i just got home, and felt much better when i saw they’d just posted a super-duper, really-we’re-serious, lemonade isn’t going to cure this heat advisory. No wonder I was hot this afternoon! Even in the shade with a decent breeze, it was what grandma used to call “close.”

    1. I had to drag out the big fan this morning on the back porch…Even with a 25mph “breeze” it was hard to stay “un-sweaty”. The t-storms promised for the rest of the week will be appreciated.

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