Sunday Morning Starting Off Cool

After late afternoon thunderstorms lowered the temperature last evening, the morning coffee on the back porch was almost cool. At least while the ceiling fans are going.

The two fans above my head have to be one of the best investments I made when we built this house. They are the only thing to make this back porch livable for about two and a half seasons of the year. Even with the fans, mid-day from May to October is still too warm for comfort.

Sunday Morning Cool

It’s a funny thing… I’m quite happy with the temperature this morning. It’s 75 as the sun comes up today. In many parts of the country, that would be a comfortable high for the day… not the low.

Today’s song is brought to me by the cardinals in my yard. They are accompanied by the cicadas buzz and the distant rumblings of steel wheels on rails and train horns blowing.

My coffee cup is empty, time for another…

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