I’m Still Here

It’s been a while since last I posted anything online… So let’s see if I still remember how this works.

Backyard Rains

Sitting on the back porch watching the morning thunderstorms slowly track by. Short lived rain, even shorter rumblings of thunder, flashes of sunshine in between… None of it stops the songs of the birds. I hear cardinals marking their territory. Crows are talking to each other off in the far distance. Blue jays are making their own noise as they fly about the woods out back.

It’s a warm and humid morning and it is only going to get warmer as the days go by… I just love Texas in what passes for spring.

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here”

  1. Love your trees. Do you by any chance have any dog wood on your property? I’m trying to find somewhere to get 1-2 cuttings to plant in our yard. That’s the only tree my son-in-law wants.
    I have successfully started from seeds 1) 3 mimosas, 2) 6 pride of barbados, and 3) so far 2 mountain laurels.

  2. Good morning! Good to see you. Spring has been fabulous this year, but things are moving fast, and we’re nearly into full summer. i guess I’d better get my spring-flower posts up pronto, or it will be fall.

    You’re right about the dogwood. It’s an understory tree, and common in east Texas, but I’ve never seen it here. I suspect that nurseries in Tyler or Lufkin would have it. I have seen it growing wild, but I think I was nearly into Louisiana before I spotted it.

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