Summer Time Blues

This has been a poor excuse of a month. A couple of weeks ago I was greeted with an email telling me this website and all of the others I host here had been disabled… Shut down for a breach in my terms of service. Seems, at least according to my hosting folks, I had been hacked and malicious code or viruses had been inserted into my sites. They scanned everything and gave me a four page list of files that were bad. All of this during a period of time when my better half was recuperating from surgery and expected some entertaining.

So two weeks down the road, websites cleaned up. Hosting back up. Reinstalling WordPress, plugins, checking and rechecking and I am back on-line… Did anyone even miss me?

After all of the rain we had in the first half of the year, we are now in the process of drying up and turning brown. Every day for weeks we start out around 80° and run up to almost 100° before slowly coming back down…

It is now 7:20pm and this is what I see on my screen…

Alvin, Texas (77511) Conditions & Forecast  Weather Underground - Mozilla Firefox 073115 71426 PM

2 thoughts on “Summer Time Blues”

  1. I missed you, but assumed you’d gone full summertime mode and were under a tree with a sweet tea somewhere. At least your problems with your sites were technical. I have a reader in Turkey who had access to her sites cut by the government — Turkey was censoring WordPress for some reason. Apparently that’s resolved now, since she’s back to posting.

    I hope your wife’s doing well, and that you’re finding ways to keep cool. When I went out to fill the birds’ water dish this morning, I was amazed by the drop in humidity. It’s almost like a cool front, although, of course, it’s in the 80s and heading straight up. It’s amazing that, after so much rain and flooding, we’re so dry now. It’s the cycles of nature, and one of these days it will cycle around again, and we’ll be cool and damp. I confess I’m looking forward to it!

    If I were a few decades younger, I’d be headed to the Frio, for sure.

    1. Good Morning Linda. Thanks for thought. It was the timing more than anything that was problematic with the site problems. With Sherry at home I just didn’t have the block of uninterrupted time to concentrate on the problem. All fixed now and almost feels like a spring cleaning in the middle of the summer.

      Keeping cool at home isn’t really a problem… When we rebuilt down here I took the opportunity to maximise the insulation and heat barriers in the new house. It’s bigger than the old one and costs less to heat and cool. As a matter of fact most winters the AC runs because it holds the heat so well.

      Friday afternoon we wandered into Pearland to try Killen’s Barbecue. Standing in line outside for almost an hour under the oak tree I noticed the flag was blowing south. A hot north wind blowing through town. Once we got our ‘cue, all of the tables inside were full. So it was back outside to the tables under the shed. Although it was hot, the breeze kept it from being too bad.

      I was thinking just last week that I wished I was younger so a camping trip to Inks Lake wouldn’t be out of the question… The Devil’s Sinkhole was calling my name.

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