July 1 Muse – 2015

Wednesday Morning Coffee Muses – As I set here on my back porch reading the morning news, the stories are beginning to make me sad. We Americans keep fighting the same battles over and over and over again… Why? Because it’s God’s will… That seems to be the only answer that ever comes through.

It’s God’s will that a flag from the bloodiest years in this countries history must still fly over the capitals of the losing side? As a reminder of what, may I ask? That you lost your war? I don’t think the people flying this flag need that reminder…If anything they need to forget… Maybe, as a reminder to the former slaves that you still control their world? That is why the battle flag has to come down now and forever… It’s been used by too many racists… for too long… to oppress too many.

Read the article below, all my Christian friends, and think about how you would feel if it happened to your church home… over and over and over again for generations. And then what would you feel when you had to see that flag flying high, sanctioned by your state government… What does that say to you as a person?

Since at least 1822, when the first recorded burning of a black church occurred in South Carolina, church arson has been the default response of racists frustrated with progress — or even the faint specter of progress — on civil rights. More than even lynching, burning houses of worship remains a go-to weapon in hate groups’ arsenal. Torching churches such as Mount Zion persisted decades after the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, 100 years after Booker T. Washington dined at the White House and 150 years after the end of the Civil War.

Source: Why racists target black churches – The Washington Post

Then forget this is a “black” thing and think about it being a “different” thing… Be it race, be it sexual leaning, be it religion… We all have the right to equal protection of our beliefs. That is the genius of this very special country. Our founding Fathers had a different idea… And the courage to start something new. And even though they were very forward thinkers in their day, it was still the 18th century… And they didn’t get it all right, they didn’t spell out everything, they just laid the groundwork… There was slavery, there were indentured servants, women were… well women, not equals. But as our world has evolved so has our constitution.

Even when someone else disagrees, they do not have a right to oppress my beliefs. And the funny thing about beliefs… Even when mine are diametrically apposed to yours, they don’t change yours or decrease the value of your belief in any way. The only thing that can change beliefs is conversations… Over time… And in this country we are having less and less of those peaceful conversations.

Is that what everyone is afraid of? Peaceful conversation… not bombs, not guns, not riots… peaceful conversation will win out in the end… Isn’t that how Christians got their start to begin with?

What I really find sad is that even on the highest court in the land… The conversations are becoming not so peaceful. Read the opposing arguments in the last few decisions that have been handed down and you get the feeling you have returned to kindergarten… Only the words are longer.

Now… Everyone have a blessed day… And enjoy the fact that we still live in a country where you are free to believe anything you want… just as long as you don’t infringe on my right to believe what I believe… Namaste.


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