June 22 Muse – 2015

Monday morning Coffee Muse… Well, summer has descended upon us and the back porch in the morning is becoming a place to sip iced coffee. The trouble with that is, I’ve never developed a taste for iced coffee… I still managed to make it through my email and Facebook updates before calling for a retreat into the coolness of the conditioned air.

I commented on my crepe myrtle out front yesterday… Let me present the most mis-shapen crepe myrtle in existence…



Just a month ago there were three trunks. Then a tree limb blew out of the oak tree behind and above it… Then there were two. But the funny thing about this is, I would swear that on Friday there were almost no blooms and then on Sunday there they all were.


As you can see each cluster of blooms is made up of dozens of individual flower blossoms. If you get even closer it becomes apparent how the little trees can go from no color to covered in color overnight.


Oh well, coffee cup is empty and I need to move on…


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