June 20 Muse

Saturday morning Coffee Muses... even the birds are happy to see the sun this morning. It’s still warm and muggy on the back porch. It just doesn’t feel as bad as yesterday. The blue skies should promise a bit of dryer air. Yesterday I was surprised by an unexpected thunderstorm that hit just as I was going to head out to mow… Needless to say, the yard is still not mowed.

We are planning to check out our local farmers market… It seems the city Parks Dept runs this and it’s been happening once a month now for at least two years… Who knew?

On my second cup now… inside.

Yesterday I finally figured out how the crazy squirrel was getting on my bird feeders. He is climbing on the roof of the house and flinging his crazy self off the roof to grab a hold on the pole cross bar… Time to rethink my feeder setup…

Well Its time to get ready for the weekend song and dance… And another cup of coffee.

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