June 18 Muse – 2015

Thursday Morning Coffee Muses… warmer this morning than yesterday even… The Weather Underground is telling me it feels like it’s 85 and I’m here to tell you it feels even warmer. Even the ceiling fans on the back porch can’t seem to move the heavy, muggy air enough to make it feel cooler. And to top it all off, it’s just still out… no breeze.

Our “significant weather event named Bill” has now passed on to the north. The comma of the storm is in eastern Oklahoma with the tail still dragging down to just north of Houston. But i have to say, as significant weather events go… Bill just wasn’t. At least not here in Alvin… Oh well, It made for an interesting few days of over hyped news stories. I just hope it doesn’t cause people to discount the next warning.

And the funniest thing about Tropical Storm Bill… The local television stations devoted the entire day on Tuesday to the storm,and nothing happened. On Wednesday, when the actual rains came and there really were some small amount of flooding, hardly a word was said… all day long.

One thing that these morning coffee muses have done is left me time to notice the world in my backyard. I have noticed that a few little blue herons fly over the backyard every morning on their way to and from. The rest of my backyard characters have become regular acquaintances, as they show up each day.

Time for a refill…


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