June 17 Muse – 2015

Wednesday morning coffee… it looks like that two day rain event they have been threatening us with since Sunday night finally arrived just after I stepped out on the porch this morning. Starting the day at almost 80˚ with 100% humidity… lovely.

After an all day TV weather event yesterday, it looks like today will be a repeat of the actual weather. And to all of the reporters sent out into future “storms”, if you show me another picture of Toddville Road, I think I’ll scream. Toddville Road at that location has been going underwater with even a bit of rain at high tide for as long as I’ve been around… when looking for something to report, please make sure it’s news.

As for Surfside, the reporters kept going on about how the residents were treating it like no big deal… well, I was down there in that same location on my birthday road trip a couple of years back… and, just saying, it looked pretty much the same on a rainy day in February. The same foam blowing, the same waves crashing, I the same debris on the road. So maybe the reason they thought it was no big deal is… It was no big deal. Maybe you guys and gals should get out of the city more when the weather isn’t so nice and you would know these things yourself.

The real problem is the news culture we live in. And the fact that the news media believes their own spin doesn’t help. When you go round the clock news reporting on a small tropical system in reaction to having missed a flood event a couple of weeks ago… Show some restraint, please…

The rain has stopped again. I’ve picked up the empty trash can again (third time). And my cup of coffee is empty:-)


June 17 Muse


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2 thoughts on “June 17 Muse – 2015”

  1. Ain’t it the truth! I laughed out loud at your comment about Todville Road. Likewise, Surfside and Jamaica Beach. And don’t forget to run down to the seawall for some crashing waves!

    I hope your daughter didn’t have any trouble. I thought we were going to be done with it, but there’s another flash flood warning out for us, and it is getting d.a.r.k. They say maybe another 2-3 inches? Sure does look like it. Remember that storm that redeveloped over OK and wreaked havoc? We dont’ need that.

    No wind, though. That’s good.

    1. I was giving the news media the benefit of doubt, but I can’t help but worry it might have been more cynical than that… Did they know the stories they were blowing up were just that, blown up stories to fill dead air?

      Everyone in the family made it home safe and dry. From household reports, after two days of “significant rain event”, no one even drove through deep puddles…

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