June 15 Muse - 2015

June 15 Muse – 2015

Monday morning coffee… humidity up… check. Temperature up… check. Skies threatening…check. Local news weather prognosticators beginning to run in circles and cry the sky is falling… check. Bill might be paying us a visit… and I don’t mean Bill Clinton (now that would be end of the world bad). No, there is a possibility that the weather I mentioned yesterday could become a named storm, and the name is Bill.

Now don’t get me wrong, if any of what they say is possible happens in the amounts they say could happen, this area of Texas could become a lake by Wednesday. And if worse comes to worse, people should take the one piece of advice no one ever does… stay home. The other piece of advice they always give is almost useless here abouts… How do you get to higher ground when the only higher ground anywhere around are freeway overpasses? And, why are the intersections under those overpasses always the lowest ground around?

On an un-weather related note… we were able to watch the Carolina wren fledglings get their wings yesterday. Most of the day we had three little balls of just barely feathers fluttering around our front porch… with two parents watching from perches above them. This makes the third batch we’ve seen raised on our porches. You could say we’re having a wren population explosion right here.

Also, on a daily basis, I have a male cardinal show up at the feeder with a fledgling in tow. He almost always offers the youngster a little tidbit, it’s almost comical to see a full grown bird acting like a nestling…squatting down, head up, beak fully opened.

The cup is empty… time for the second one..

June 15 Muse - 2015

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