June 14 Muse – 2015

Sunday morning coffee… The word for today boys and girls is humidity. It hits you in your face when you walk out the door. It coats your glasses with a film of moisture. You have to wait before you can use your camera… for a long time. The warmer it is the worse it feels. Today we start our morning at 75℉ even before the sun peeps out from behind the clouds.

Looking at radar, I see a line of showers streaming in off the Gulf. So far they are staying to our west. Overnight we had something cross us. Water steal puddles on the drive out front. We have an 80% chance of rain today followed by 3 days of 90% or better… according to the Weather Underground, part of that will be a tropical low that is crossing the Yucatan right now.

Driving through Santa Dr and Dickenson yesterday was eye opening. Water surrounded most houses and crossed many streets… and these are not your modern streets. You know modern street when you see one… they always sit lower than the yards around them. Theses roads we were on were elevated above the surrounding land and still they were flooding. Any more rain falling around there and those folks are gonna have problems.

I have a video to post and coffee to drink…

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2 thoughts on “June 14 Muse – 2015”

  1. You’ve reminded me of the way my dad would tease me with words. Every now and then, I read “humidity,” but hear him saying, with a grin, “The humadiddy is high, today.”

    1. It must be a dad kinda thing… Because, I’ve always been dyslexic when I speak… And I’ve always played it up with my kids.

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