June 12 Muse

June 12 Muse – 2015

Friday morning coffee… another warm morning on the back porch. If you are in the sun, a very warm morning. Though, even in the shade under the ceiling fan, it’s not what I would call cool. It’s so warm even the clouds, what few I’ve seen, are little wispy things floating quickly overhead before leaving the sky mostly clear.

Interesting effect… I am hearing two separate train whistles coming from two different directions. Along with the rumbling roar of the wheels on steel tracks as the train runs away from me heading for Galveston.

The construction project across the line has reached a point where most of it’s noise is contained within the buildings walls. As the insulation has gone in and with the buildings openings facing away from me the muffled sounds are no longer intrusive.

I feel the need for a refill… and AC… later.

June 12 Muse
Temperature at 8:12am in the sun… Actual air temp at that time was 79 degrees

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