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June 5 Muse – 2015

Friday morning coffee… A person could easily get spoiled by these cool morning temperatures. A bit of haze in the air, dew on the grass, a almost full moon hanging high in the shy… birds singing on all sides… I couldn’t ask for a better way to start a day.

Way over on the eastern horizon, there is a bank of clouds. They are hugging the edge of the morning sky, as if intimidated by all of the crystal blue that overshadows them.

I can only hope the day brings some semblance of a breeze. Otherwise, when I come out to ride the Deere I’ll be sweltering.

I have been going back through my old Coffee Muses archives an cleaning up the dead links and adding back in missing graphics. I was working through some in 2007 and I noticed the pictures of the backyard looked about like it does now… with way to much dried grass cuttings on the top. We must have been getting a lot of rain back then too. This week has been the longest run of dry sunny weather that I can remember all year.


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