Wednesday Morning Coffee - YouTube

June 3 Muse – 2015

Wednesday morning coffee… caught the sun rise this morning. I got out early to try for a bit more quiet before work started next door. Shot this video first thing and managed to catch the moment the light hit the trees. From the silence on the video it seems there were few birds up at that moment in time… just a lot of crickets.

It’s another cool morning here on the back porch. I’m going to miss them when they leave on summer vacation, these cool mornings. It is really nice of Mother Nature to gift us with this late touch of spring in what would normally, already be our summer.

Then at 6:54 along comes a dump truck on the construction site. At least it sounded like a dump truck. It drove from front to back and then left. That could foretell another day with a parade of city and county dump trucks running by the house all day.

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