A Bit of History Found

Yesterday, while trolling through the many folders on my hard-drive, I stumbled across the xml WordPress export file that I used back in 2013 to move Coffee Muses to a new host… So thanks to that, I am only missing the few posts I put up in the past two + years.

And, while that may sound like a lot, I can assure you it probably isn’t. My posting regularity has been falling off more and more over the past couple of years. I can say with some certainty I have only posted twice since Christmas… Bad, bad, bad blogger.

I can see some of the missing posts on the Internet Archives Wayback Machine. I’ll try to scrape what I can off of their site and repost it here. Let that be a lesson to all, back up all of your sites before you mess with any of the backend… Especially databases!

Later Note: I am seeing a lot of images missing in the past posts, so before all is done I’ll need to wander through my old photos as much as I can… Boy did I ever blow  it…

2 thoughts on “A Bit of History Found”

  1. Well, let’s just see if everyone is playing well together!

    I had just mentioned that I’m in the process of downloading and saving all my posts to hard drives, too. (Note the plural….) I can’t help it. I just don’t trust the cloud. For one thing, even though it’s been a long time since WordPress went down, it has happened. And, given the world-wide shenanigans by ill-intentioned people who’d just love the hack the web to death — well, who knows.

    Anyway, I do click on your photos from time to time on Twitter, and ought to mention how much I enjoy them. Well, consider this a general mention. They’re great!

    1. I appreciate the heads up about the commenting issues. I never remember to check that out when I first set these things up…

      And I agree, I have two MyBooks attached at one time to my computer and keep them mirrored most of the time. Plus my photos are on both drives, and on a passport drive, and now I am saving backups on memory cards to boot. Plus my Smugmug and Flickr accounts… You can never be too safe.

      One of the reasons I don’t play with video more than I do is because of it’s heavy use of drive space.

      Thanks for being my first comment on the new old blog…

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