Searching the Internet Archives for Coffee Muses

I tried to see if the Wayback Machine had the very first Coffee Muses post… It seems the earliest they captured was from Jul 13 2007. Here is what was occupying my mind way back then:

Well, I meandered thru my email, read the headlines and opinions of the paid opinion makers, and finished my morning muse cup of coffee. The news was full of the latest on Bush, the Congress, and Iraq…None of which I want to think about this morning.

The weather has been hot here, but, not as hot as elsewhere. They say the “heat index” was about 105 yesterday…Makes you wonder what the heat index is in Arizona when the temperature hits 120. We have actually spent the past few days drying out. ‘Cept for the fact that when we don’t have overall, county soaking rains along the coast here in the summer we get these nice little town sized gully washers moving across the landscape. On Wednesday two of those “localized heavy” thunderstorms rolled past my home, both missed. On Thursday two more came rolling in from the southwest, both hit.

The wife and I spent some time out back watching the clouds build up and listening to the rolling sounds of the thunder. We didn’t stay out and wait for the rain though as the teenagers were clammering about sustenance or some such matter. I had already decided it was going to be  “taco” night and had fresh tortillas for the rapping. Who would have thought the day would arrive when every upscale grocery store would have an in store tortilla shop turning out fresh, hot tortillas as you shopped? Needless to say lettuce, tomatoes and onions needed to be chopped, filling needed to be cooked, spanish rice and refried beans needed some work…supper was good, not great, but good. Oh, and yes in this part of the world the evening meal is supper, dinner is reserved for Sundays around noon or for company occasions only. While the rest of the week the midday meal is lunch…South Texas language lesson for the day…

So much for my daily muse…time to hit the highway…catch ya down the road.

Wow… So much has happened since then.

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