Freddie Steady Krc

Ever Wonder What Happened To…

… That Person From High School Who Was Always In A Band?

Freddie Steady Krc

While he really didn’t go to my high school, it was at a high school dance that I met him when his band was performing. He was a friend of a friend. We lived in Pasadena and he lived in La Porte  a few miles down Spencer Highway. There was a summer there when we hung out, spent our time hitting the music festivals in the area, listening to the bands and lying to the girls. In the course of getting to know each other it turned out our parents were from the same little town and had gone to school together.

After high school he went to college up in East Texas and I went to work. We lost track of each other, though, I would see his mom once and a while and she would tell me who he was playing with.

When the internet came along I looked him up. Started following his career via blogs, and MySpace, then  Facebook. Even went to one of his shows down in Galveston once…Then today I stumbled across this as I was listening to one of his songs pop up randomly on iTunes…

Gonzo Compadres & Children of the Night

Austin was the Wild West in the early Seventies – a country-songwriter oasis where cosmic cowboy fever raged like Bastrop wildfires.

“Music brought me to Austin,” nods Krc, ever affable. “I was always a song-oriented musician, always more interested in the ensemble serving the song. I started hearing records from Michael Martin Murphey and B.W. Stevenson, and it led me here.”

Krc first joined up with Stevenson, who was riding high on the success of “My Maria” as well as “Shambala,” a hit for Three Dog Night. Then he hopped into the drum seat for Jerry Jeff Walker & the Lost Gonzo Band, ultimately recording “at least a dozen” albums with Walker and co-writing “Life’s Too Short” and “Gonzo Compadres” with him. While on tour with the Gonzos in New York City, Krc caught the Misfits at Max’s Kansas City club.

via Steady As He Goes: Freddie Steady Krc on the record – Music – The Austin Chronicle.

Voted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame a while back, Freddie has lived life large…And we hung out one summer…Back in the ’70’s. A long, long, long…Lifetime ago.

Merry Christmas Freddie…

2 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Happened To…”

  1. My, my. LaPorte. Who knew? Well, you for one, but not me. I checked out a couple of youtubes from Threadgills – good stuff.

    The 70s – that is a lifetime ago. I believe I’ll go find my geritol…. (does anyone even know what that stuff was, anymore, or think it funny? Probably not!)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours – and batten down the hatches. Sounds like we may have some weather this Christmas, but not the soft, fluffy kind.

    1. Merry Christmas Linda,

      It’s funny, but growing up in the northwest corner of Pasadena back before Bayport, my mother’s brother and his family lived at the end of Red Bluff a block from the bay in the southeast corner of Pasadena. We used to spend a lot of time down there on the bay. So La Porte wasn’t that far out of the way.

      It looks like my sister in NE Texas may have a chance of snow on Christmas Day. I am sure she isn’t thrilled by the thought though…

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