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Obama For President


obama for president 2012It shouldn’t surprise anyone that knows me… But. I took myself down to the polls on Saturday and cast my ballot for America. And contrary to the signs I have been seeing scattered around the county, I cast my vote for the version of America that I think is embodied in the Obama presidency.

Moving down the ballot, I made it a point to vote against the Republican agenda. In my neck of the woods that means I cast votes for Greens and Libertarians to vote against Republicans. Once, I wouldn’t gone to the trouble…Hell, once I would have voted for a few Republicans. But those were different times, and those were different Republicans.

Both my wife and I were amazed about one thing though…Lining the sidewalks around the Alvin Library were wall to wall yard signs. And of all of those hundreds of signs there wasn’t a one for the President. I only remember seeing one sign for Sadler, the Democrat running for US Senator. Now this is the reddest of red states, so you don’t expect much in the way of money on the Democrats side, but this is ridiculous.

As we drove around the county on Sunday, again we saw not one Obama sign. I suppose part of the problem might be how hard it is just to acquire one, I went to the Obama website earlier in the season and looked foe a way to buy a yard sign. The only ones I found on the site were in orders of 100 or more…Not an amount I could justify. It wasn’t till last week that I actually found individual signs for sale. So I ordered one…Which they guarantee will be delivered…by election day! Oh well.

The Scalzi Endorsement:

John Scalzi is a writer I have been following for a number of years. The longer I do the more it seems our outlooks are generally in sync. This is how he started today’s post:

This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone anywhere, but to make it official: I will be voting for Barack Obama to have a second term as President of the United States, and I think you should too.

There are, generally speaking, two reasons to give your vote to someone as president. The first is because you are inclined to vote for that person. The second is that you active wish to deny another person the presidency. In this case, I am voting for Obama because I wish to do both: Vote for him, and vote against Mitt Romney.

via The Scalzi Endorsement: Obama For President – Whatever.

But I think this statement is the most important of the post…

More to the point, I think the real problem is that the actively malicious, awful and small-minded politics of the modern GOP have to be stopped. The modern GOP, simply put, has no moral center; it pays superficial obeisance to “traditional values” while yearning to implement policies whose highest moral achievement is consolidating wealth for the very few, and is perfectly happy to be as cynical as it needs to be to achieve that goal.

I find myself unable to comprehend the comments from the right about “taking our country back” when the politicians they want to elect are giving our country away to that much talked about 2%. Take a few minutes and go read his thoughts.

The Joss Whedon Endorsement:

Then there is this…And I dedicate it to my eldest daughter…

Thanks Joss…That pretty much says it all…

Last Thoughts

I have tried to keep the politics to a minimum this time around. But it has gotten so bad that I found myself compelled to pull out the fist season of the West Wing last night. Politics as theater, but from my side of the aisle…Still one of the best shows to come around.

So to close out this political blog post I’ll leave you with this:

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  1. The Washington Post endorsed Obama too and today an old man on the street stopped my sister and I to sing an Oh-bama song he wrote to the tune of Oh, Dolly. (I’m in Mass.right now). Good to hear your thoughts, Gary. I agree with them.

    1. I can only wish more of the people around here did.

      I saw the facebook picture of you and your sister all bundled up with the waves in the background and figured you were up home. I hope everyone weathered Sandy.

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