John Lennon's poster

Jason Strikes Again

I’ve been reading Jason Kottke’s blog for as long as I can remember. Sometimes his posts resonate, sometimes I just skim on by. His post about John Lennon’s Poster resonated.

Peter Dean is a big Beatles fan. And so he set out to reproduce exactly — from photographic evidence only — an old circus poster owned by John Lennon. In true Sgt. Pepper‘s fashion, he had a little help from his friends.

via John Lennon’s poster.

The video that was in the post demanded a share…

For a very long time, I worked with an in-house graphics shop that printed with steel type on “sho-card”. Watching the video brought back many memories of trying to duplicate something for a client that had been originally printed somewhere else with a different process….Not always fun.

4 thoughts on “Jason Strikes Again”

  1. Say “Kottke” to me and the first one who comes to mind is Leo! I’ve never heard of Jason, but there were some pretty interesting things on his site. Since one good link deserves another, here’s a little Leo for you – made for a rainy night.

    Deep River Blues

  2. Like the rabbit, I’m late, late – as you know if you got my email about the Nash Prairie seed collection, I’m up in Kansas City. We got about 3/4″ that night, as I recall. It wasn’t anything stupendous,but it did give me a chance to collect some rainwater for my African violets.

    It’s just great up here. There’s a freeze warning for tonight, and it’s going to be a 30s/50s routine for the next few days. I’m happy as can be. Every now and then I just get up, go outside and sniff the air. Cold smells good – and it’s especially pleasant now that the wind has laid.

    1. Funny how it works, but, the email for this comment showed up ahead of your earlier email in the Gmail list.

      We are feeling the cool too. The low this morning is 50 with a cool north breeze. While I enjoy real cold, I will spend what little time we have with fall first before embracing the colder stuff that is sure to follow this year.

      Enjoy your trip…And your time in the early stages of winter before you get back to what I’m sure will be Indian Summer agsin.

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