Falling Behind the Season

Falling Behind the Season – NYTimes.com

Every day I look around in disbelief, remembering how surprised I was when spring began. I’m still busy being surprised by spring. I’ll be ready for fall by February, always behind the season and pretty certain I’ll never catch up.

via Falling Behind the Season – Verlyn Klinkenborg.

I always find Verlyn a contemplative read. Usually, I end up savouring his words like a good meal. Viewing the world through another’s eyes, half a continent away… Half a season away. It really is like “falling behind the season”.

On Facebook, I have followed the change of the season by the change in color as it sweeps down the Appalachian Mountains from north to south, from high mountain peaks  to low river valleys.

From way down here on the Texas coast, fall is just beginning tease us. Almost weekly cool fronts are starting to moderate our endless summer heat. Early mornings are best spent enjoying the first cup of coffee on the back porch watching the waves of hummingbirds migrating through with the weather fronts. A new wave of birds just ahead of each new front, filling up with the sugar-water before they make that long flight out over the Gulf of Mexico.

Pardon me… But, I feel a rocker calling out to another cup of coffee. And the Wunderground is showing a cool front almost upon us… Tomorrow will be the coolest morning yet

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  1. I know I read this – I must have thought my comment without engaging my fingers! I’ve been watching the color movement myself – I’m heading up to Kansas City next week to visit family, and I certainly am hoping that I’m not too late to catch the color farther north. I think Oklahoma should be fine – maybe even Kansas, depending. Then, by the time I get back, maybe it will be time to start watching for bulletins from Lost Maples!

    1. Linda, a few years back Sherry and I were in Fredericksburg for our anniversary. It falls in the second week of November and just for grins we drove over to Lost Maples. There were a line of cars out on the highway…So we headed on by and enjoyed the day a lot less crowded along the creeks and rivers in the back backcountry. So I still haven’t seen the maples in color…But someday I will.

      I hope you enjoy a colorful trip into fall.

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