Enjoying The Weather…

This morning is a new experience for me. I brought the old laptop out on the back porch to start uninstalling old software…While working on that I was able to read email, listen to public radio, watch the hummingbirds fight over the feeders, and now…Write on this blog.

This could be habit forming… If the weather permits. Right now the sky is a cloudless crystal blue. The temperature is still in the 60’s and the dew is still twinkling on the grass. There are birds calling to each other in the woods. I can hear crows, blue jays, mockingbirds, and cardinals all at one time. And gunshots off in the distance (it is semi-rural after all). But mostly, it’s just quite out here.

It’s all a little strange working on this old friendly machine while the new one resides in the old one’s placed on the desk in the office. I did discover something about this old machine that I wasn’t aware of before… The trackpad doesn’t work when the wifi is turned on. Who knew? I had to go grab a mouse before I drove myself crazy with the tab button navigation.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying The Weather…”

  1. Hasn’t this little bit of fall been wonderful? It looks like we’re going to creep back into summer though – even though today’s the formal beginning of autumn. That’s ok – it will bring some rain at the end of the week. Maybe.

    I did have two wonderful nights of open windows. It’s amazing how noisy it is at night. Between the fish jumping and the night herons making a real racket whent hey get scared off their lines, it’s quite something.

    I walked down to the south edge of Clear Lake to watch the shuttle, and discovered there are some herons in the trees down there during the day. I’m going to have to be careful, though. I brought back a half-dozen fireant bites as a souvenir. I knew I’d been bitten, but never saw the ants. It was only a day later I realized what it was. I do hate those things.

    1. Just came in from watching the sun come up this morning. And it felt just great. I wouldn’t have come in yet if m young grandson hadn’t waled out and complained that he was hungry…

      We used to have a million or two fire ants on our place. But the past few years, they have been a bit scarce. I like them scarce. They always leave great big sores whenever they bite me. I’ll do without them as much as possible.

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