Musing On What Brings People To Coffee Muses

When I pulled up my blog this afternoon I opened the stats tab just to see what’s up. I don’t do it all that often, but, when I do it always strikes me as funny what shows up as the top post… It’s always the same. Every time it’s my post from June of 2008 about the Hover Hog.

Today saw 2 visits to that post. That’s 6 for the week. Last week had 22 visits, the week before was 18.  Last month there were 46 visits, July had 55. The highest count for a month came in October of 2011 at 97 visits…There have been 454 visits so far this year, 621 last year, 318 in 2010. It’s hard to believe that a post about armadillo’s written in 2008 has been viewed a few thousand times over the years.


Testing the Jetpack Carousel…

2 thoughts on “Musing On What Brings People To Coffee Muses”

  1. Those are some wonderful photos of the armadillo. I do love them. I learned recently that back in the pleistocene era, there were armadillo-like creatures called glyptodons that were the size of VW beetles. How’d you like that digging in your garden?

    My first experience with live armadillos came in the hill country. At night. In the country. I thought there was a fleet of tanks or ax murderers or something coming through. No, it was a single armadillo, browsing for grub in the leaves. My gosh.

    I love the top posts/search term entries. My top post still is one about Leonard Cohen, his wife Suzanne and the “other” Suzanne who was the inspiration for the song. Never doubt the power of celebrity. But no – I’m not going to write about the Kardashians to up my stats. 😉

    1. I used to think the damage a single ‘dillo did to a yard was impressive. Then the drought of 2011 hit and the only soft, wet ground around was where our septic tank sprinklers went of nightly…Let me tell you…A few feral pigs make the ‘dillos look like pikers. I am still bouncing as I mow the backyard..

      Someday I’ll get a few loads of sand hauled in and hire a tractor to smooth out the ground those guys tore up last summer. At the time it looked like the surface of the moon…All cratered up.

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