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The past week at the bird feeders (nectar feeders for hummingbirds) have been a load of fun. It seems the number of Ruby Throats has gone up exponentially. The battles being fought to control the feeding rights are unending.

We have three feeders set up right now and the traffic is continuous from sunup till sundown. I am assuming most of the birds are stocking up for the run across the Gulf sometime in the coming weeks.

After enjoying the cool front that finally got here on Saturday, I get to take care of the yard work I put off in hopes that the weather prognosticators were right.

Sherry and I were on the back porch friday evening, enjoying the cooler air, when I spotted a bobcat at the edge of the woods that intrude into our backyard. The bobcat had wandered up our property line when it became aware of us sitting there. After sitting and watching us watch it, it turned and made it’s way back into the woods. No hurry, not seeming to be worried… Just meandered back out of sight. The sight caused me to do something I haven’t done in a while and send a text to twitter…

Time for one more cup of coffee and then out to work…

2 thoughts on “Birdfeeder News”

  1. And here’s your twitter reader, come for the fuller version! It has been nice, although last night I was sitting here with all the windows open and suddenly started to feel warm. I looked at the humidity at the closest personal weather station on WU, and it was 54% – up from the 40% we had. In the next hour and a half, it got up all the way to 78%. That’s when I gave up, closed the windows and turned on the AC.

    But we have another cool-down coming this weekend – or so “they” say. I think I believe it. The ospreys have started coming in, and suddenly I saw a big flock of mallards down below in the marina this morning. Even if we can’t feel it, the birds can. It won’t be long before the white pelicans show up!

    1. We have been enjoying the evenings more the last few days but last evening it was beginning to feel muggy again. So muggy in fact that when the rain started falling, I wasn’t too surprised.

      Though, I am still able to enjoy that first cup of coffee on the back porch as the hummingbirds had their battle royal at the feeders. This has to be the most hummers I have ever had in a season. It reminds me of our stay at the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge in Arkansas on our way to see the Eagles and the Dixie Chicks perform in St. Louis.

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