Change Is In The Air

Yesterday when I woke up and opened the windows I noticed a change…There was no dew on the windows. It’s been months since the windows were clear first thing in the morning. When I walked outside it felt different…Could be we are getting that preview of what’s to come. When my better half came home she commented on the “Change” too.  Seems her car windshield wasn’t covered with dew when she left out at 5:30 in the am.

Today it felt the same…And the radar show’s thunderstorms in the Gulf moving our way. You know there’s a change on the way when it’s pushing noon and the temperature’s just barely above 80° and it’s still August.

Another thing that’s been happening in the past week or so is the battle of the hummers. On the front porch out my office window the battles go on all day long at the feeder. They even chase the dragonflies by mistake on occasion. When I walked out on the back porch this morning to check out the black clouds to the southeast, one of the little buzz bombs flew down and hovered in front of my face.  Between chasing off his rivals he would be back in front of my eyes chittering at me to go away. He doesn’t seem to understand that I’m the guy who fills the feeder…

On another note…What’s the significance of a tropical storm with a biblical name of Isaac causing some type of disruption at the Republican National Convention next week?  When I worked at the RNC 20 years ago here in Houston I remember being amazed when the week of the convention turned unseasonably cool after a cold front blew through before it opened…Blew through so hard that it destroyed many of the banners hanging outside the Astrodome and damaged some of the tents put up to shelter the crowds. Repairs were made and the attendees had no idea that there had been any damage… And most didn’t even realize the cool temperatures were anything but ordinary.


5 thoughts on “Change Is In The Air”

  1. Never mind Biblical names and politics. My question is – what if a storm named Isaac took a notion to head straight for the landfall location for “Isaac’s Storm” – that is, Galveston.?

    Think for a moment. Cruising along via Cuba, projected to make landfall just about a week before the storm of 1900, same name….

    Well, and then we have this latest run of one of our best models. (If it doesn’t work, I’ll make another run at it once the website comes back up.)

    Doesn’t it just give you that – uh – feeling?

    You are right about the change in the atmosphere, though. It’s still a little warm and humid for my taste, but you bet it’s better. When I leave the house in the morning, my air-conditioned car keys don’t immediately start condensing moisture! Hoo-rah!

  2. And luckily, you didn’t have to! I’m so, so glad. Best of all, the little group called Texas Storm Chasers (you should follow them on twitter) are making noises about a cold front this weekend. Now, not COLD, exactly, but lowering humidity, 70 at night and maybe 90 during the day for us. It’s a first step. 🙂

    1. I saw a mention of an 88 degree high for the weekend last night. After the 98 we had yesterday (felt like 117 at some point on the Weather Underground site I monitor that is just about 3 miles from me), I can hardly wait.

      Between the mosquitoes and the heat, we wimped out on labor day and kept the celebration in the house and finished the smoked brisket, pork butt, and summer peach sausage (a Froberg innovation) in the oven. All the meat had spent Sunday afternoon on the in the smoker.

    2. I see where Doc Masters just posted about the “son of Isaac” moving back out into the Gulf…Add that to your cold front and the weather could still get interesting around here

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