Welcome To Texas, Y’all.

There’s something about Texas – if I didn’t live here, I wouldn’t live here.

Juanita Jean sum’s up all of my frustrations with my native state and then some… She goes on to lay out why:

We have 248 kinds of snakes in Texas and 246 of them will kill you.  We have hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, mad bulls, honky tonks where we mix guns, beer, and dancin’ with someone else’s wife, bad politicians, oil men who will steal the fillings out a child’s mouth, heat stroke, stinging jellyfish, fire ants, and blue northers.

We have mosquitoes that can carry off a small dog.  And now we have mosquitoes determined to kill you.  West Nile Virus is scampering all over Texas.

If you haven’t discovered her blog yet, you can find this post at… Juanita Jean’s | Welcome To Texas, Y’all.. Sit down and read a few. Unless, that is, you are one of my conservative kinfolk…If you are, she’ll just get you all hot under the collar.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Texas, Y’all.”

  1. I sure enough went over and took a look. Plenty to agree with over there, and some to disagree with. But here’s the best part – she got me to thinking about Molly Ivins again. I miss Molly. She still is the source of the single best quotation about Texas politics. (‘Scuse the language. This is Molly, after all..)

    “As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.”

    I’m going to laugh all night.

    1. I first visited Juanita’s when someone compared her to Miss Molly…She isn’t quite there, but, she is the closest thing I’ve seen yet. Over the top on occasion, she hits it out of the park often enough to keep me reading. I’m glad she made you think about Molly.

      Back a decade or so ago I would print out each of Miss Molly’s columns and bind them into a book for the mother of a friend of mine. I would give her the book as a birthday present. Sadly, both she and Miss Molly left us at about the same time…I miss both of the ladies.

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