Texas Native Plant Week October 14 – 20 | Native Plant Society of Texas

To promote the importance of our state’s special sense of place, the Texas Legislature has designated October 14-20 as Native Plant Week. Local communities throughout Texas are planning events for the public to foster the use of native plants in the landscape. Wildflower walks, tours of native plant gardens, educational talks given by professional botanists and biologists, and other events will be among those offered by local communities to the public. The events are designed to appeal to a diverse audience — botanists, gardeners, biologists, naturalists.

via Texas Native Plant Week October 14 – 20 | Native Plant Society of Texas.

2 thoughts on “Texas Native Plant Week October 14 – 20 | Native Plant Society of Texas”

  1. Oh, my! Thanks for the heads-up. I’m going to pass this on right now to a couple of other bloggers here in Texas, so they can (1) check out what’s going on in their area and maybe (2) plan to post a little something to make people more aware of the event.

    I’ve sometimes thought about joining something like the Houston Native Plant society, but I know danged well I’d never drive into Houston for a meeting. I guess I’ll keep on with my self-study.

    Hope you got some of the rain today – I’m looking at a nice big thunderstorm over Pasadena but it looks to be heading away from us.

    1. When I saw the announcement in my feed reader I almost didn’t post it, but, I figured one of my two readers might like a heads up.

      And like you, though I would love to tap into their expertise =, I cannot become a joiner. Regular meetings are just way to hard to make work.

      We’ve had a couple of light showers and lots of clouds in the last few days. No accumulation to speak of…Just nice slow little showers. All of the weeds (natives?) I call grass are back in summertime grow mode…Namely, growing too fast for once a week mowing even though I refuse to become a yard slave and mow more than once a week. Sure beats last year when I only mowed once a month if that.

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