A Musical Interlude

I had Winamp playing yesterday as I fiddled around on the computer when Mary Gauthier came on playing her song “Sugar Cane”.  That led me to a Google search for a video of the song to post here. What I found was even better…Two hours of interviews she did with Jason Wilber for his “In Search of a Song” on PRX. Have a listen…

3 thoughts on “A Musical Interlude”

  1. I hadn’t heard “Sugar Cane”, but I loved it – especially since I have a friend who lives pretty close to Raceland, and I’ve learned something about the process of growing and harvesting.

    Here’s another little tidbit. When they burn the fields, if the wind’s from the east, varnishers around Galveston Bay weep – you can’t believe how much of that soot makes its way here to land in fresh varnish!

    1. Funny you should say that…I’m not sure I remember listening to that song before myself…But after it played once, I restarted it again and really listened to the words. Then I went looking for a video and wound up on the “In Search of a Song” website. Serendipity strikes again.

      But I can believe it about the soot. You will probably be seeing some of the dust from Africa in the next few days…That’ll play hell with the varnish I’m sure.

  2. By the way – have you heard about the new music festival League City’s putting on in September? There’s a pretty good lineup, including Marcia Ball. Nice to have something so close to home.

    And then there’s this – the latest “Where the Hell is Matt” video features the League City Fire Department! Look for them at about 0:57 in the video. It’s just a hoot! Houston’s in it, too.

    Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

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