The Heat Is Back

Heat…Heat…Heat…That’s what summer in Texas is all about. It’s 10am and this was just on the Weather Underground…


The important point in that graphic is the small print under the temperature…The heat index. It already feels like 108°.

This time last week I was beginning to feel like I had been transported to the Emerald Isle… Outside my window the rains fell over and over again. Only someone who had lived through our past year could understand the feeling of joy cloudy days of rain could bring. It was an unreal feeling. Temperatures that seldom left the 70’s all day long…Sunshine only in the late afternoons…Thunder passing by day after day. Such a beautiful week.

I think it’s time to hibernate for the summer. Someone wake me when fall gets here.

3 thoughts on “The Heat Is Back”

  1. Oh, isn’t that just the truth. I was looking at the grasses in the vacant lot across the street – nearly waist-high. It’s wonderful to see such lushness. More rain would be lovely! But of course, I have to add the obligatory “rain without a name” mantra. We don’t need a storm.

    Interesting that the associated links include the NY Times article about the Weather Channel buying WU. It actually is a good article. And by the way – do you follow Crown Weather? Rob has a new Texas Weather Page that’s really good!

    1. It was so wet last week I didn’t even try to mow until Monday. The grass was so high, that even after mowing it looked a bit ragged and the cuttings are still visible on top…

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