It Really Is Hot Around Here…

It’s not even 9am and this is what the local weather station has to say about the temperature here:

90.7 °F
Feels Like 107 °F
Yesterday it hit 102° by noon on the back porch. It was still holding above 90° when I went to bed after 11pm…We tied records around here yesterday for highs, including the earliest 100° day on Galveston Island.
It looks as if it’s going to be a long hot summer. Staying cool while staying outdoors is probably a lost cause until we get back to the end of the calender.
Here is what it’s like right now as you read this…

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3 thoughts on “It Really Is Hot Around Here…”

    1. Thanks again for pointing out the problem…

      Today seems just a bit cooler than yesterday. I mean here it is only 99 at noon. You just gotta love moderating temperatures.

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