2 thoughts on “Tall Grass Prairies”

  1. Oh, my. What a wonderful video. I just sat here and watched the whole thing, completely entranced.

    When I first started making the trip west out of Houston, back in about 1990, it was amazing to me how big the flocks of geese were out on the Katy prairie. The past couple of years, I’ve seen hardly any. Drought played in, of course, but still … It’s good to see that all of these marvelous areas are getting some attention.

    Good to see the kids in Hermann Park, too. I laughed at the teacher who said, “Don’t let them know they’re learning something!”

    Such a great post. Maybe this weekend I can get out and about a little – I’m tired of working. 😉

  2. It caught me the same way, Linda.

    I have had your same observation only south of the city. It wasn’t all that many years back when the winter flocks in the Brazoria Wildlife Refuge were huge…But over the past five or six years the water levels have been way down and so have the numbers. I am not sure that it doesn’t have something to do with management practices…

    I have to make a run to Angleton at the end of the week and I hope to get the chance to swing by the Nash Prairie when I do…It’s just a bit out of the way…Maybe I’ll make it a two-fer and do the grand circuit.

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