The Great Backyard Bird Count

It’s been a bit over a week since the Great Backyard Bird Count came to an end. This was my first ever participation in the nationwide (continent-wide) event. I have to wonder though…Who told the birds to spend four days hiding.

It was almost like they heard a rumor that the census takers were in the neighborhood. Who would have thought that they would be just as reticent as all migratory visitors are to being counted.

In the weeks leading up to the four days of counting, my backyard would be visited by hundreds of birds each day. Sometimes there would be hundreds of robins, sometimes it would be a larger flock of grackles, even the female red-wings would be massive clouds of black wings in the air. It sometimes looked just like the underwater fish schools as they would change directions in mass. Even the warblers would be out in the dozens. There would be a handful of cardinals visible at one time, the same with bluejays.

But, on the arrival of  THE weekend, what did I see outside…Not much at all. All day…every day…For the entire event…There were very few birds to count. I’m sure it was just a freak of the weather, but after looking forward to adding my numbers to the national total…I could have stayed home. Oh, that’s right I did…And so did the birds.

I’m already making plans for next year.

2 thoughts on “The Great Backyard Bird Count”

  1. I had an amazing “birding day” today. For one thing, there are some Muscovy ducks with a passle of babies over at Seabrook shipyard. That was pretty exciting.

    And, I came across three red-breasted mergansers napping near the Clear Creek floodgate! I need to take my camera tomorrow and see if I can find them. The coots are flocking up to migrate, and I’ve noticed several Lesser Grebes. Tis the season!

    1. It’s funny. I’ve lived within twenty miles of the coast or bays for all of my life and I can not name one shore bird species with any confidence once I get past the brown pelicans. And don’t even get me started on ducks…

      But it sounds like you are having fun. Last night my wife and mother-in-law came in after dark and wanted to know what large bird might have flown right over the roof of the house and honked like a goose…When I said it could have been a goose, they weren’t impressed.

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