January Weather?

For the last week it has seemed more like spring than the middle of January. But, the screen capture above says it all…70° at 9am on January 22 just isn’t right.

If this holds for another week, there will be no doubt that this January will be one for the record books here in SE Texas if nowhere else. It almost reminds me of last February except we seem to have missed the cold half of that month.

February 2011 went into the record books as average though. Thanks to half of the month being colder than normal followed by the other half being warmer than normal. So the month with some of the coldest temperatures in history went down as average…Gotta love it. Should it repeat at least we won’t be totally at the mercy of rolling blackouts that don’t roll . The new house is equipped with gas and a fireplace.

2 thoughts on “January Weather?”

    1. You better believe it. Today we have a “cold front” moving through with thunder and lightning and heavy rain (which we still need). The sad part is that even after the front we’ll be seeing high temperatures in the 60’s for the rest of the week. Granted the lows will now drop from the 60’s to the high 40’s at some point before it all starts climbing right back up.

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