It’s Almost Done

At least everything but the unpacking.

After over a year of planning and meetings and dust and dirt the new house is done and the old house has gone away.

Here is a view from the road on Monday…

And here is the view today…

I would have thought I would have had stronger emotions surface as I watched the house I had spent a third of my life living in being demolished…Strangely, they didn’t. I found myself mostly ambivalent.

We have actually been in the new house for a bit over two weeks now. It hardly seems that long. It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Moving and then clearing the old house so demolition could take place this week.

It has been fun to watch the cars passing by on the road suddenly slow down and stare. All during construction, unless you really looked, you couldn’t see the new house being built behind the old one.

Hopefully, now that most of the busy-ness of life is slowing down I can reacquire the habit of my daily Coffee Muses. I know I am enjoying the view from this old kitchen table that is and has been my “desk’ for these last few years.


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