It’s Been About A Month…Progress

For most of the past week things seemed to be moving a bit slow, even as progress was made each day…Then suddenly it is really starting to look like a house.

Today the roofers are putting on shingles and the cornice crew is doing siding.  I really feel sorry for the guys on the roof, the temperatures have been extreme…Heat factors have topped 110° this week. That pretty much explains the early starts with long lunches in the shade and working late into the evening. the crews have worked right up until the light fails each day to capture that cool of the evening (if you can call temperatures that don’t drop below 80° until after midnight cool).

There is also a crew inside doing AC duct-work and all the other air handling duct like jobs…I met with the Gas Company today to arrange for the gas lines to be installed. I understand the electricians will be out by the end of the week. Progress continues.

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