Just As Stubborn As A Mule

I know it’s a mixed metaphor, but the GOP has really become a sad, sad representation of the old saying… You can lead a mule to water but you can’t make him drink.

“I am committed to not raising the debt ceiling,” Bachmann said at a National Press Club luncheon, a few hours before a vote was scheduled to take place on House Speaker John A. Boehner’s bill. “Despite John Boehner’s best efforts, absolutely faithful efforts, to try to put a plan on the table, the problem goes back again to the president’s failure of leadership.”

via Bachmann still a ‘no’ on Boehner debt plan – The Washington Post.

So here we are… After months of negotiations, months of single minded gamesmanship, months of focusing on a self made crisis… The problem from the Tea Party viewpoint is a lack of leadership by the President.

At what point in time does the Republican party own up to the failures of their policies  and do anything to fix the problems they created. The greed that seems to be worshiped on the conservative side of the political spectrum has become a festering sore at the heart of this great nation. Our institutions are decaying, our roads and bridges are wearing out, our middle class, the very bedrock on which this nation has flourished, is being demolished year by year… And yet all we hear from Republicans is “no new taxes”, “less regulation”, “less environmental protection”. In a country that has historically known no limits to what it could accomplish, one of our political parties now thinks we have reached the limits of our reach and we should, to quote another of their failed policies, “just say no”.

But for one of their Presidential candidates, someone we are told we need to take seriously, to tell us that their intransigence is the President’s lack of leadership… A man who has bent over backwards. A man who put on the negotiating table policy changes that go against everything the Democratic Party believes in only to be met time and again with Republican “Leaders” who would walk away from the table… To call that a lack of leadership on the Presidents part…

After being put out to pasture in 2008 and managing to keep my savings from imploding in the financial crisis of the past few years, I now have to worry about a bunch of financial morons in Congress turning the country into a monetary cesspool. Well paying jobs are becoming scarce, yet all we hear from these Congressmen is deficit, deficit, deficit. It’s a mantra that will fix nothing and will cause uncountable harm to our kids and grand-kids… And I am not talking about leaving them the bill, I am talking about leaving them a country in grave need of repair and no means to do it.

Republicans… You have been led to water… If you will not drink we all pay the price.

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