Recapping The Past Week In Construction

Watching the house grow out my back door has been a sight this past week. We went from bare studs standing across the slab to something that only lacks a roof deck to look like a real house. But, after the initial mad dash of construction, it looks like visible changes will start coming at a slower pace as the mechanical systems begin to go in.

The one welcome thing to happen with the construction has been the semi-regular rains that have begun to fall around here. It doesn’t rain every day, it doesn’t rain a whole lot, but… It does rain. It would be nice to thing that the drought has ended. I doubt that is the case though. But the little rain we are getting is making it easier for the plants to hang on.

I find myself having my morning coffee on the new back porch most mornings getting accustomed to the new views closer to the woods as the sun comes over the horizon each day. I can hardly wait till it’s not a trek of hundred or so feet to get there each morning.

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