How To Stop A Drought

Want to know what it takes to make it rain in your neighborhood? Start a construction project.

My corner of SE Texas has been in a drought for over a year… Longer than many of the surrounding areas. We had almost no measurable rainfall in the first half of 2011. That is, until we actually started construction. In the past two weeks it has rained at least a bit every other day and some days have had more than a bit of rain falling.

Most days the rain moves in off the Gulf of Mexico. The past couple of days the rain has moved in from the northeast. This morning it was just a misty off and on sprinkle, but, by mid morning it had become more of a steady misty rain. Of course construction has stopped.

Yesterday afternoon we were stopped for about an hour. Saturday we had a major rain, but it was after the crew had left for the day.

Anyway, here is a video of yesterdays progress.

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