It’s WTF Time In Washington

(Rep. Eric A. “Rick”)Crawford, the freshman from Arkansas, was among 63 legislators who sent a letter to Obama on Thursday that imagined Aug. 3 arriving without a deal. In the letter, the legislators urged Obama to promise he would pay interest on existing debt, military salaries, and Medicare and Social Security benefits.Crawford also said he’d been urged by constituents not to give in to pressure to raise the debt ceiling. He was asked: Have you explained to them what’s been predicted to happen?

“I think that’s probably an arrogant attitude to take, that I know more than they do,” Crawford said. “I’m trying to represent my district in Washington, and not Washington in my district.”

via GOP dissent complicates path to resolving debt-ceiling crisis – The Washington Post.

I can’t believe a statement like that came out of a Congressman’s mouth… OK… Sure I can, but it sure is stupid. And I don’t think I’d be happy to have a guy who represents me in Congress telling me that he doesn’t think it’s his job to know more than me when it comes to doing his job. He thinks it’s arrogant to explain where his constituents are wrong…Or, does he think it would be arrogant because he believes the same nonsensical BS?

This class of Republican leaders(?) is about to do to this country what no enemy ever has. Do they really think that America needs another few million unemployed government workers right now? Who the hell do they think will be buying the products (what few they are) that are still being produced by American workers? I mean, hell, there won’t be any unemployment checks coming to these folks…

Their attitude seems to be “Let’s just collapse the whole country and see what comes out of the ashes.” Except, they deny that their actions will do that. Are these the same folks that have been claiming for over forty years that NASA faked the moon landing?

When I vote for an elected official, I expect him to do his job. That job in my eyes is to know more than I can about the effects of the legislation being discussed in Congress. As our last President used to say all of the time, “It’s a hard job.” But they asked for it, they devoted time and resources to getting it…So do the damn job. If you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, find an expert and learn. Don’t repeat the talking points, know the math. BUt don’t tell me you think it’s arrogant to call BS to BS, that’s just BS.

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