A Video Walk

Early last week I wandered around my back yard and the woods behind my house playing with the Flip Video camera…No fancy editing just the “magic” of the Flip Share software…

Today we have had more small showers blowing around the area. That makes three days in a row we have enjoyed a bit of rain. Today’s shower at the house wasn’t long and it didn’t drop much in the way of precipitation, but we appreciate every little bit at this point. As Sherry and I cruised the area running errands on her last vacation day we passed through at least four more individual rain showers.

I keep watching the Gulf and the clouds that are building out towards Mexico and hoping that the models are wrong about the low that develops being blocked next week by a high pressure ridge… It’s time for some tropical moisture to break the back of this drought. Just don’t let it pull another Alicia rolling through.

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