An End Of The Week Muse

I have fallen into the habit of grabbing my morning coffee and heading outside to sit and enjoy the mornings. It’s a big difference from the way I used to start my mornings…Online and checking in on my virtual world.

Sitting out has made me more contemplative, I almost said meditative but that doesn’t really fit since I don’t try to claer my mind so much as just let it run and follow along as I can. Spending a couple of hours first thing in the morning out in nature as I drink a cup or three has made a change in the rest of my day as well. Let me put it this way…I don’t ever seem to get caught up on my normal day of podcasts any more. I can’t say that is a totally bad thing either.

Today I found myself musing about the breeze that was blowing. What caught my contemplative nature was the way the winds currents seemed to eddy and roll as they made their way across my immediate landscape. I was wondering what was causing the the breeze to move the trees over there while there wasn’t a hint of a breeze where I was and then a moment later it would be just the reverse. What is it that causes the wind to blow in such a variable way?

Believe it or not, all of those breezy thoughts took up almost  an hour of my morning coffee muses.

I have been spending some time dealing with the IRS these past weeks. I really have to love the way they have the system set up…They have your money, you file your return, they sit on it for 21 days, they send you a letter telling you they are reviewing your return and to contact them in 45 days if you haven’t heard from them…45 days later you call and they tell you they will file a claim and if you don’t hear anything in 30 days…Well you just call back. What a system. And the real kicker in the whole thing is the amount of time you end up on hold listening to the really crappy melody they play as you wait…And God help you if you get cut off for any reason because you go back to the back of the line…And all I want is my refund. Do you think they would react as well if I did the same to them?

And still we wait to start construction…

3 thoughts on “An End Of The Week Muse”

  1. Good luck trying to figure out the IRS-irratating for sure : ) I like your coffee drinking spot. And the wind-I could watch it forever and just be in amazement.

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