It Was Five Years Ago Today

That I walked on this road of blogging for the first time that took. It was the beginning of a dream. A dream that has branched and grown in ways I could never have foreseen. That first blog post was on a Blogger hosted blog at North Carolina Mountain Dreams. It was actually the day before that I set up the blog and edited that first sample post, but it was May 9, 2006 that the habit was born. This blog, Coffee Muses, contains much of that original blog’s content because I discovered rather soon that much of what I was writing did not deal with my Mountain Dreams. At some point I was looking at my categories and I was seeing a trend in a category called Coffee Muses, thoughts and discussions over my morning coffee, which led to this original spin-off. By June of 2007 I was registering the domain name to add to my original group of domain names. So it’s really hard to decide where the “birthday” needs to be celebrated, so pardon me if I celebrate it at both sites.

By August of 2007 I had moved on to a self hosted blog and life just keeps rolling along. I have changed that first blog along the way. I have moved it, added to it, added sister sites, spun off this blog, spun of a photoblog or two…In general I just keep evolving what I am throwing out there.


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