This Is What Secession Looks Like?

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As a major drought settles in on the state of Texas, the main problem with all of last years tea party campaign rhetoric about secession comes home to roost. When you wake up and find that you have already had 7,800 fires burn more than 2,400 square miles of your state and more than 244 homes while your legislature is debating who it wants to throw under the bus to squeak by in a budget crisis you end up looking like an ass as you go hat and hand to the President with a plea…

AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry has appealed to President Barack Obama to declare the state a major disaster area as wildfires strike or threaten all but two of the state’s 254 counties.

A “major disaster declaration” would make the state eligible for help in responding to and recovering from the emergency.

via Perry asks for federal help in wildfire fight | Houston & Texas News | – Houston Chronicle.

Should the far right wing of the political spectrum in Texas ever win in their dream of a newly independent Texas, just who do they foresee bailing them out? Natural disasters happen…Droughts, hurricanes, winter storms…They all call for massive responses of resources that quite frankly the state of Texas lacks the ability and the finances to marshal. But, then again…It was a Texas congressman who apologized to BP for making them pay for their mess wasn’t it. Business friendly is a state of mind and a work of art in Texas. I don’t think corporate boardrooms will be writing any checks to the state to help offset the costs of a natural disaster…Do you?

And after dealing with the state run windstorm insurance agency, I wouldn’t want to be worrying about how Texas would be covering crop insurance in what is looking to be another 1950’s style drought.

The image this brings to mind is the Governors campaign add from his last election…You know the one…He’s is greeting the POTUS at the airport with a letter. The only thing is, this time the letter is asking for a handout from the same government he couldn’t wait to be seen biting the hand of a year ago…

And California keeps looking to Texas as an example…Of what?

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