Hummingbird Update

Ruby-throated hummingbird public domain USFWA
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I’ve been away from the blog this week because my better half took a couple of days off work. It seems she always wants to talk right about the time I start typing (how long will that word mean anything?).

Yesterday I noticed the female hummer that had been visiting my feeders for the past few weeks on a hit or miss basis was fighting with another hummer at the front porch feeder. I pulled out the glasses and all I could make out of the newcomer was a black looking head. After perusing the field book I thought I might be seeing a Black-Chinned Hummingbird. Later in the day they both showed up at the kitchen feeder and continue their fighting. It was with them two feet from my face in the sunlight that the colors became apparent, our first male Ruby-Throated.

The male Ruby-throated has been back a couple of times this morning. The wind is blowing so hard right now the feeder is swaying back and forth. Chances are I won’t be seeing much of this guy today.

I did discover a great birding site for my area yesterday while doing some hummingbird research…You might want to check out the Houston Audubon Society website. Their online Upper Texas Coast Bird Gallery Index is just awesome.

  • Creating a Hummingbird Nesting Platform (

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