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I wandered over to Amazon this morning looking to see if they had anyone offering a product out of Australia that takes humidity from the air in your home and creates clean drinking water from it. The product is called the Skywater® 14 Water Making Machine and, while it looks like a great idea, I haven’t tracked down a distributer or any purchase info.

What I did find though was Amazon’s announcement of their new streaming video service for Prime Members…

I immediately fired up Food Inc. just to check out the new feature. I must say I am impressed. It looks like at the cost of a Prime Membership, which qualifies you for free 2nd day shipping on quite a few of the products advertised on Amazon, you now get a service that will start to eat into Netflix and Blockbuster‘s online offerings. And having it on your Internet enabled Televisions is just that much sweeter.

I must say that watching Food Inc. for the second time brings it home once again just how screwed up this countries relationship with our food really is. If you haven’t seen the movie yet follow the link up above…You can even sign up for a trial membership just to watch it or any other movie they are offering.

When I decided to write this post I headed over to my dashboard for this site and found that WordPress had rolled out the upgrade to 3.1. and Atahualpa has also rolled out the upgrade to the theme. So it looks like I’ll be spending some time working my way through all of the sites I manage upgrading and tweaking everything back into shape once more. For any of you upgrading to the new WordPress I have discovered one thing already this morning. You can turn off the admin bar you see at the top of your blog…You will find the check-box on your profile page.

Don’t get me wrong. I have fallen in and out of love with the Admin Bar more than once in the years I have been using WordPress. I have even installed plugins to add the bar in on more than one occasion. But over time I discovered I really didn’t use it all that much to be wasting the real estate on my display. My personal method of working is to usually have multiple tabs open and just switch back and forth rather than using pull-down menus. So when I installed the beta release of 3.1 a while back to test on one of my smaller sites and saw the new Admin Bar appear I wasn’t thrilled. In checking around at time I did not find a way to turn it off other than editing the actual files themselves so I just readied myself for living with the bar again…Thank you programmers. The addition of a way to turn it off just made my day….

Now, I have work to do.

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