Blue Birds And Life

Eastern Bluebird
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Sitting at the computer this morning I looked out the window and saw my second Bluebird in my entire 57 years upon this earth. I was so surprised I had to lean forward for a closer look.

I still remember the occurrence of my sighting. Sherry and I were new home shopping  almost 25 years ago. We were wandering through the model homes in a subdivision on the far southern extreme of Pasadena. As we wandered through the house I happened to look out the patio doors , and there in the grass of the back yard was a gloriously blue bird. I recognized it at once even though I had never seen one, an Eastern Bluebird. Just like in all of the cartoons I grew up watching.

The interesting coincidence in all of this bluebird history is, here we are once again in the process of building a new home. Should I take it as a sign of some sort? The last time it didn’t turn out quite like we expected. Though this time we are proceeding with a better idea of the pitfalls and trials that go into the process…It is still only our second home to build from start to finish.

Around my neck of the woods, whenever I see a rust colored belly on a bird I instantly think Robin which we have in abundance all winter long. Though, thinking back over the past year or two I don’t recall seeing as many as in the past. A decade ago, all winter long, flocks of upwards of 50 to 100 robins would feed through our yard during the winter months. They would take turns with the bluejays, or most common bird of a blue hue, feeding through. This year not so many of either have been around.

In other bird news, I had hummingbirds return to my feeder today. I do not know if this is one of the one’s that over winters or if the spring migration is starting early. All I do know is that the feeder has been up all winter and this is the first hummer that I have seen since last November.

The weather this month has hit the extremes…From days and days of freezing earlier in the month with the heater running non-stop to days and days of upper 70’s lower 80’s with the AC running in the afternoons. And we are just barely through February. This will be one month I dread the arrival of the electric bill. At least the winds keep blowing to generate more of the power I am paying a premium for. Even though the state is producing more wind power on most days than the transmission lines can carry.

Late last week I was out back with both grandkids spending time in the Trek Light hammock I received last year. It was so warm and the sun was so bright I had to use an umbrella to keep “Baby Habby” (as Cameron calls his baby sister) from being burned or blinded.

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