What A Winter

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The sun rose once again this winter over a white frosty landscape. I can only remember a few winters where I have seen frost as often. The number of nights when the lows have been in the 20’s is also passing any remembered winters past.

So, if any one reads these musings on a regular basis, my absence from the internets can be blamed on the weather and the family and a Kindle. I had forgotten how a new baby in the house can just eat up the time. Add in a toddler, and you almost don’t have any time at all.

Though, sitting at the computer with a babe in one arm and a mouse in the other hand isn’t even hard. trying to type with one hand is a skill I lost many years ago. Never having been a touch typist, I still need both hands and at least 4-5 fingers spread over both.

Then, if you factor in an addiction to reading flaring up again, you are left with nothing at all on your Daytimer. The addiction can be blamed on the arrival of a Kindle in my hands this past Christmas. A terrible thing the Kindle is…Carrying a whole box of books whenever you roam is a dream I have carried through my entire life. The dream almost came to fruition with the arrival of Microsoft Reader and a Pocket PC a decade ago…Just not quite. Few titles were available, mostly classics, though I still carry a working version and a library of titles on my laptop.

But, the instantaneousness of the Kindle experience is a thing of the 21st century 24-7 online expectations. I have probably bought more books for myself since it’s arrival than in the whole of last year. Though I still love to track down the occasional used book…Latest acquisition; Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm by David Mas Masumoto.

To give you an idea of how messed up my schedule is, I am still working on my coffee and my Coffee Muses at noon…And haven’t even started cooking lunch. Then when you factor in the fact that here it is 5 days after my birthday and I haven’t mad my birthday road-trip yet…Go figure.

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